The casino license is a guarantee of its honesty. Choose licensed online casinos and you won’t have to worry about winning. Read on for other benefits of licensed gambling sites. Today, online casinos are as popular as land-based gambling clubs. Their numbers are growing. Just five years ago, gamblers chose from seven to eight casinos, today we have hundreds of different gambling sites. But how to find among them a really reliable casino? It’s simple – check the license. Online casinos that operate legally, do not hide information about licensing. You can find a list of reliable casinos here

Types of licenses for online casinos

We suggest to take a general look at the types of online casino licenses and find out how to distinguish a licensed casino from an unlicensed one.

  • UK license. This is the most reliable license in terms of verification. There is a site where you can check if the casino has a license, if it was issued by the UK. You can also see the rating of interest online casinos. If the resource had conflicts with players, you will know about it. If a dissatisfied customer will write a complaint about the gambling portal, the operator providing the license will surely respond.
  • Malta license. It is as reliable as the UK license. The credibility limit of online casinos that operate under a Malta license is high. The law is always on the player’s side, which means winnings will be paid and any disputes will be dealt with. There is a website that lists all casinos licensed in Malta. Search there for the portal of your choice before you start playing for money.
  • Gibraltar license. This is another strong and reliable licensing jurisdiction. The official website has a list of licensed casinos. Don’t be lazy to check if the selected online casino is on the list of licenses from Gibraltar.
  • The license of Costa Rica. This is not a license for online gambling, but a license for “data processing”. But it allows gambling sites to operate within the law. For now, a gambling bill is in the works, and it will soon be available in the gambling industry.
  • Curaçao license. Here things are about the same as in Costa Rica. A lot of online casinos operate under the license of this country, but, in fact, it’s very difficult to check it. If you have any problems with the game in the casino, contact support directly.

We understand the types of licenses, and it’s time to figure out the difference between licensed and unlicensed casinos. It’s quite simple: if the casino is operating fairly, it proudly informs its customers of that – the website has the license number and the country where it was issued, and you can always check that.

Ways to check your casino license

There are three simple ways to check the license of a gambling site. Consider them in detail:

  • Choose flash slots and see from which server they are loaded. Do this easily: run the slot machine, right-click on it, select the line “options”, and we see the server. Addresses of official servers of popular software manufacturers can be found on the Internet. And if the casino is working with high-quality software – the fairness of the game is not worth worrying about.
  • Check the list of licensed casinos on the website of the country that gave the license. This method is described above in the classification of licenses.

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